Poetry Update #10

Well, I did not win the CV2 contest, or the Eye Weekly contest. Oh well.

I did just enter the contest at www.spacewesterns.com. They are having a Space Western Senryu contest. Deadline is July 15 -- you enter online. And they explain and give links to what a senryu is. Which is basically a personal haiku.

I have been writing a bit over the summer. Mostly just jotting down notes... and puns. ;)

Poetry Update #9

This Sunday, April 13, will be the last meeting of this (academic) year for the Algonquin Square Table.

I'm going to workshop a poem I wrote this past weekend for the CV2 48 hour poem contest. You pay $10, and the journal CV2 emails you 10 words that you have to include in a poem. The words this year were: nervous, buckle, rattle, vessel, sienna, wrench, thorax, filament, article, and proof.

Eye Weekly is having a poetry contest with a deadline of April 30. I'm going to try to enter that one too. At least it's free! :)

Poetry Update #8

I had two poetry magazine deadlines this month that I wanted to meet.

First, Gusts, Canada's tanka magazine, had its deadline on February 15. I managed to email in three tanka the day before -- on Valentine's Day. I went looking through my pictures from China for inspiration.

Second, NoD, a journal from the University of Calgary in Alberta, has its deadline on March 1. I sent in three poems by email tonight. The issue they are reading for is: "viral-themed; send work that is parasitic, replicative, related to computer viruses, sickness or epidemics." I can't say that my poems were exactly on topic. But I never want to second guess an editor.

I've been in Gusts three times before, NoD once. Both are fine journals.

My Chapbooks

I have two published chapbooks.The most recent is Snapshots, May 2007. Plus I had a chapbook in 2000 called Changing Planes.

Published in May 2007 by believe your own press (Thornhill, Ontario, Canada)

You can see what it looks like & order copies here:
There are also 4 poems from the book on that website. The chapbook is $8 plus postage.

That's me on the cover holding my baby brother David. Needless to say this was mumbly mumbly years ago.

Changing Planes
Published in 2000 by Junction Books (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

This chapbook is out of print at the publisher. The only way to get a copy is to email me: carolyn at sfpoet dot com.
I charge $5 plus postage.

Poetry Update #7

The poetry workshop I belong to, the Algonquin Square Table, started up again in October of 2007. We meet every two weeks or so at Hart House at the University of Toronto. I've made it to most of the meetings so far, and brought some poems written in/inspired by the Yukon.

Poetry Update #6

Tonight, at 7:30pm, was my poetry reading at the Dawson Public Library.

Since I hate reading my poetry aloud for 15 minutes in a row, I asked that this be set up as a round robin reading, and invite all the poets of Dawson.

There were notices posted around town, with my picture on them, inviting people to come out.

Including Rob and me, there were 13 people there. Which was more than I expected! And I knew the names of 4 of the people! Plus the woman who won the poetry prize for the Writers on Eighth was there.

Poetry Update #5

Well, it's time to berate myself for not writing enough poetry while up here at Berton House. On the other hand, I usually write no poetry in the summer, and while up here I wrote and submitted 6 poems, one of which was accepted (by the POEtry Anthology).

And just this week I sent off an acrostic poem to the New York Review of Science Fiction. It's about the Chengdu SF Conference we attended at the end of August. And, in theory, it's humorous. We'll see if they take it.

Day 81 in Dawson

September 22, 2007

At 4:30 this morning, I finally got to see the northern lights here in Dawson.

I first saw the northern lights in 1967. It was on a deserted stretch of highway in Saskatchewan in the middle of the night. My father pulled the car over and woke everyone up. We hustled out onto the shoulder of the highway and looked up. I did not think it would be 40 years until I would see them again.

Poetry Update #4

My sonnet for the POEtry Anthology was accepted! Woohoo!

The editor, Stephen M. Wilson, is starting his own small press so that he can publish this project (as well as other projects).

The list of poets for this Anthology is unbelievable!:

Poetry Update #3

August 14, 2007

Today I emailed my poem in to the POEtry project. Hopefully he'll take it. Which would be cool because the payment is $1/line with a minimum payment of $20. It's a sonnet, 12 lines, so I'd get the $20.

Mainly I'd be pleased because it's a who's who of fantastic poets. And I'd love to be on that list.


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