Day 13 at Berton House

A gorgeous day! We walked into town and had lunch at the Jack London Grill. Sat on their patio which had an awning and was shaded.

There is now a bit of a routine established:

Wednesday is garbage pick up.
Saturday is when garden produce is sold on the dike.
Sunday is when the new sale's week for the grocery store starts.
Tuesday night is film night at KIAC.
Recycling is every day except Thursday & Friday.
Thrift Store is open Tuesday-Saturday.

This coming weekend is the big Music Festival. I have signed up as a volunteer selling T-shirts and CDs on Friday and Sunday evenings. Suzanne has kindly arranged passes for both of us to the music festival. Thanks!

As we walked into town, we saw them putting up the big tents for the music festival. It's so close we're going to hear every note inside our house!

We have met Johnny Caribou who is the long-standing interpreter at the Robert Service cabin. He gets mega-laughs & applause twice a day. We will have to check out the show soon ourselves.

We have also met Dawne Mitchell who is one of the interpreters at the Jack London cabin. She brought over a bicycle for us. I took it to Tim at Circle Cycle for a tune-up. He'll let me know if it needs work. I think it needs new tires at least.

So far we have also had lunch at the JJJ hotel and at Klondike Kates'. We're partial to the patio at Kates' -- very nice! Also picked up a pizza from the Back Alley last night for dinner. Wow! What a great pie! More cheese than I've ever had on a pizza without having to order extra-cheese.

Environment Canada says that sunset is at 12:15am and sunrise at 4:30am. But it's still not completely dark between those times.

I found a perfect bundle-buggy (grocery cart with 4 wheels) at the Thrift Store for $5. I've written "Berton House" on it in black marker.

I find I need to get out each day. I usually go to the post office to check the box. They have free copies of the Yukon News -- where the big news is the volunteer amulance drivers/attendants have quit.

I am working on poetry. Mostly notes. I've done one Tanka that I'll send to Gusts for their August 15 deadline. I hope to have more for them soon.

That's all from the Yukon!

- Carolyn