Day 6 at Berton House in Dawson City, Yukon

Funny Things:

7 days ago, when we flew from Vancouver up to Whitehorse on Air Canada, the pilot said there was "traffic" at the airport so we were going to have to circle for a bit. What traffic could there be? There's only one runway. You have to land, takeoff and taxi on the one strip.

6 days ago, we flew Air North from Whitehorse to Dawson. At the terminal in Whitehorse, we checked in and were each given a coloured, laminated square on paper with a number on it. This was our bording pass. They have festival seating on the plane. We were advised to sit near the back, rather than up by the engines. This was a Hawker Sidley prop plane. It sat about 40 passengers, maybe. But got good service.

As we approached Dawson, it was fogged in. The pilot said they'd fly over the area and see if they would attempt the landing. So, we got to see the town, the mines, and lots of trees from the air. They decided to land. The fog was up off the ground so we got to see the runway at the last minute. They have a trailer as their terminal. The luggage gets pushed through a hole in the wall of the trailer where you pick it up.

Now we are settled into Berton House, a writers retreat in Pierre Berton's childhood home in Dawson. The constant sunlight is strange. It's after midnight and it's a bit twilighty because the sun is behind the mountain -- it hasn't set, it's just blocked. This was the first day without any rain!