Poetry Update #16

Wow, first blog of the new year! ;)

So, I did meet my brother's deadline of 8 pages of environmental poems due January 1st. And they are pretty good if I do say so myself! ;) No indication of when the book Global Warnings will be published.

I did hear back from Tesseracts 13 -- a nice personal note from one of the editors, Nancy Kilpatrick. She says that one of my poems was on the short list, but in the end they decided not to publish any poetry. Sandra Kasturi got the same story, so it must be true. ;)

At the last minute, I submitted to Room: A Space of Your Own because I heard 3rd hand that they were doing a speculative issue. And I got accepted! W00T! Which leads me to the next paragraph.

I signed up for the Market Maven newsletter from Cythia Ward. It contains all kinds of market news for speculative magazines. So, I could have found out about Room's call for submissions before the last minute. (Not that I wouldn't have procrastinated until the last minute anyway. ;)

Oh, and I submitted 3 Turkey tanka to Gusts just before their February 15th deadline. (Tanka about the country Turkey, not the bird.) (I've now run out of smiley faces.)

W00T! I got paid by Pearson Educational for the two reprint poems they accepted last summer ("Very Large Array" and "Stars") for their upcoming textbook Literacy in Action 8: Time will Tell by Chris Atkinson. It was odd because they asked me how much they should pay me. So, I eventually decided to err on the cheap side and asked for $50 each. I probably could have gotten more...

"Stars" is also being reprinted in the RJS Books anthology, Distant Early Warnings: The Best Canadian Science Fiction to be launched at the World SF Convention this August in Montreal. My brother David's poem "Copyright Notice, 2525" will also be in the book. (Both our poems were Aurora Award finalists earlier this millennium.)

I have been told that W00T!, to be correctly spelled, must have zeros instead of ohs. So, I'm trying to do that.

I had entered the Writers Circle of Durham Region's poetry chapbook contest in Spring of 2008 (judging chapbooks published in the previous year). I made the "long list" of about 15 with Snapshots published by believe your own press. And I knew I didn't place in the top 3 winners. (Each winner got $100.) But this past weekend I found out I just missed the cut! I was in the final 5! Which is really nice to know. :D Credit is due to the chapbook's designer, Carleton Wilson.

That's all my poetry news for now!