Poetry Update #15

Today, I heard from Space and Time Magazine, they accepted one of the five poems that I submitted in November. Woot!

I'm still working towards my brother's deadline. He needs 8 "pages" of poetry, where a page is 25 lines or so. I have 5 pages that have been workshopped and are in pretty good shape... and three pages of first draft. It'll be close. ;)

I bought The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2009. I buy one copy every year for me and one for my brother as a Christmas gift. It has "detailed information on Canadian writing contests, awards and prizes, organized month by month according to their deadline dates." Visit White Mountain Publications and check it out.

I have not heard back from either Dream Catcher (the Irish magazine) or Tesseracts 13. But they both had October 31st deadlines, so I suspect I'll be waiting a while.

And I paid up my dues to the Science Fiction Poetry Association. They're a great organization, check them out! The price is more than worth it just for the publications!