Poetry Update #14

My, what a difference one month makes! The decision of the jury for the Governor General's Award in Poetry has sparked much controversy. I will not add anything, other than I hoped that Al Moritz would win. He did not.

I did submit to Space and Time by the November 30th deadline, but did not manage to submit to On Spec.

I got a cheque for $5 in the mail yesterday from the SFPA for my poem "A Shiver Runs Through It." It's in the September/October issue of Star*Line, which just arrived today.

This has been a pretty good year for me, publication wise. I had seven poems published in 2008: the one in Star*Line, plus two (tanka) poems in Gusts #7, three (tanka) poems in Gusts #8, and one poem, "Building Mechanical Butterflies" in NôD.