Poetry Update #12

Well, I didn't win or place in the Science Fiction Poetry Association's contest. But I did take one of the poems I had submitted to my workshop's first meeting of the year and got a lot of good feedback.

I submitted 5 poems to the Irish literary journal called Dream Catcher. They're having a special Canadian issue. One of the poems I submitted was written at last year's Write Off.

I also submitted 4 poems to Tesseracts 13, the latest anthology from Canadian publisher Edge Books. Being the 13th installment, they went for a theme of Dark Fantasy or Horror. I think they'll be launching at the World SF Convention in Montreal. Deadline is October 31, 2008!

Also on my horizon is possibly submitting to Space and Time and/or On Spec. Both of whom have deadlines of November 30.

Other news is I've accepted a position as Assistant Poetry Editor at Chizine Publications. (A wonderful online magazine of Dark Fantasy and Horror fiction and poetry.) I'm helping the Poetry Editor, Sandra Kasturi, get through their backlog of submissions. I've done poetry editing before — for Tesseracts 6, and for the TransVersions Anthology. But it's been a while, so I'm a bit rusty. :)