Poetry Update #11

This long weekend we are hosting a "write-off" in our home with between 4 and 6 guest authors staying with us. Four arrived on Thursday, two more arrived on Friday. One had to go home on Saturday, then came back on Sunday.

My husband Rob first encountered "write-offs" in Calgary where IFWA (The Imaginative Fiction Writers of Alberta) hold them twice a year.

The idea is that a bunch of writers get together and write all weekend. You break for lunch and dinner, where you talk and compare progress, etc. Then on the Sunday night you read some of what you've written to each other.

Some "write-offs" you commute to — you stay somewhere else overnight and go to the "write-off" location with your laptop each morning.

Our "write-off" is a sleep-over. Everyone is staying here on our pull-out couches and in the condo guest suite. The writers here are: Robert J. Sawyer & Carolyn Clink (hosts), Hayden Trenholm, Liz Trenholm, Herb Kauderer, Al Katerinsky, Pat Forde, and David Clink.

I've been editing old poems, rather than writing new ones. I have a bunch of poems I took to my poetry writing workshop, The Algonquin Square Table, last year that were critiqued, but I'd never applied the critique to fix them up. So, I've done that now for about 7 poems.

I did also write one new poem. That was because the Science Fiction Poetry Association was having a contest with a deadline of today. (Luckily they only take submissions online!!) I had two poems already written that fit their theme (energy) and their criteria (20 lines or less, PG rated, not previously published). Yay! But, they allow three submissions. So, I had to write a new poem to make my third submission.

So, I went with an acrostic (where the first letter of each line spells something out as you read down the lines). Mine says energy crisis. Hardly worthy of Yeats, but what can you do?

Next up I want to submit to an Irish poetry magazine that's doing a special Canadian issue. Woohoo! Deadline is the end of September.