Berton House Remembered

Wow! To think that it was just a year ago, on July 1st 2007, that I left Mississauga, Ontario for Dawson City, Yukon. I left on July 1st, and met up with Rob in Vancouver that morning. We flew on to Whitehorse, stayed overnight, then flew to Dawson the next morning, July 2nd.

That summer I didn't plant any flowers on my balcony in Mississauga. This year I have pansies in purple and yellow.

That summer I didn't get to go to the Farmer's Market at Square One for fresh produce. I just went there this morning and bought cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries.

It never got dark in Dawson in July. The sun set around 1am and rose about 4am. Here we've got enough sunshine to satisfy me. ;) I can see the moon and the stars at night in Mississauga. It was so strange not to see those things in Dawson until September.

Wow! It was a year ago already. Sigh. How fast a year goes by.