Poetry Update #10

Well, I did not win the CV2 contest, or the Eye Weekly contest. Oh well.

I did just enter the contest at www.spacewesterns.com. They are having a Space Western Senryu contest. Deadline is July 15 -- you enter online. And they explain and give links to what a senryu is. Which is basically a personal haiku.

I have been writing a bit over the summer. Mostly just jotting down notes... and puns. ;)

I took a table at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair in June. It was an interesting experience! I think I prefer to just go as an attendee, because then you get to see all the other tables. But I did help my brother David (we shared a table) sell some of my chapbook Snapshots. As I offered a free copy of my self-published genre chapbook Much Slower Than Light -- with new, excellent, free, space-art cover courtesy of NASA/Hubble to anyone who bought a copy of Snapshots.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use this web site program. Now I can use html to put in links, but I can't figure out bold and italic. The usual codes are doing nothing.

[Ha! I read the instructions!]