Poetry Update #7

The poetry workshop I belong to, the Algonquin Square Table, started up again in October of 2007. We meet every two weeks or so at Hart House at the University of Toronto. I've made it to most of the meetings so far, and brought some poems written in/inspired by the Yukon.

To play catch-up, Gusts, a Canadian tanka journal, accepted and then published one of my Yukon tanka in issue #6. Then I received an email from Alexis Rotella asking my permission to reprint this tanka in her upcoming Ash Moon Anthology from Modern English Tanka Press (printed by Lulu). It should be out "in early 2008."

Just today, I submitted three China inspired tanka to issue #7 of Gusts. So far I'm batting .500 with Gusts, having appeared in three of the six issues.

In January I submitted a poem to Star*Line, the journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, which was accepted. And I submitted a second poem to the special prose-poem issue of Star*Line which was rejected. That's okay. I'm not sure I've got the hang of prose poetry.

Oh, and NYRSF did publish my Chengdu poem! And my interview with David W. Hill seemed to be well received. All credit for which goes to David, who gave great answers to my questions. And since it was conducted by email, I didn't have to retype anything! :)