Poetry Update #6

Tonight, at 7:30pm, was my poetry reading at the Dawson Public Library.

Since I hate reading my poetry aloud for 15 minutes in a row, I asked that this be set up as a round robin reading, and invite all the poets of Dawson.

There were notices posted around town, with my picture on them, inviting people to come out.

Including Rob and me, there were 13 people there. Which was more than I expected! And I knew the names of 4 of the people! Plus the woman who won the poetry prize for the Writers on Eighth was there.

We read poetry to each other for an hour, which was great. Miriam, the new librarian in Dawson, put out wonderful food including a home made fruit salad.

Rob introduced me. He's so good at that!

The circle went around enough times for me to read 4 poems.

At the end, one of the poets, who was new to town, asked if there were any writing groups she could join. The other people said, no, maybe you should start one!

It seems I need to write a poem about ravens. They turned up in a lot of the Dawson poems. And sparked some lively conversation. They like to eat dog food. And it's $125 fine to be in possession of a dead raven. Even if you didn't kill it. It's the territorial bird. (Yukon is a territory, not a province)

If the event ends up in the Klondike Sun, I won't be here to get a copy. We leave town in 2 days. I'll have to catch it on the web.

- Carolyn