Poetry Update #5

Well, it's time to berate myself for not writing enough poetry while up here at Berton House. On the other hand, I usually write no poetry in the summer, and while up here I wrote and submitted 6 poems, one of which was accepted (by the POEtry Anthology).

And just this week I sent off an acrostic poem to the New York Review of Science Fiction. It's about the Chengdu SF Conference we attended at the end of August. And, in theory, it's humorous. We'll see if they take it.

Also, I did an interview with SF short story writer David Wesley Hill and submitted it to the NYRSF. I've never interviewed anyone before, so we'll see if that gets accepted, or sent back for more work.

David Hill was with us in Chengdu -- a really great & interesting guy. He's famous in China, and less well known here. And the story behind that was what the interview was about.

I may backfill some blog entries on China -- I've been writing up my notes, on paper, in a notebook, the old fashioned way ;)

But, as I say, I've got notes for poems, so I'm sure over the course of the winter, I'll be forging those into poems for the Algonquin Square Table Poetry Workshop. Or, as my brother would say, I'll be "pulling a poem out of my ass" on Sunday mornings for the workshop on Sunday afternoons.

- Carolyn