Day 81 in Dawson

September 22, 2007

At 4:30 this morning, I finally got to see the northern lights here in Dawson.

I first saw the northern lights in 1967. It was on a deserted stretch of highway in Saskatchewan in the middle of the night. My father pulled the car over and woke everyone up. We hustled out onto the shoulder of the highway and looked up. I did not think it would be 40 years until I would see them again.

This morning the sky was clear and starry. The green northern lights seemed to form a semi-circle in the north part of the sky, while a wide river of green light ran straight back from the WNW. That part looked like the milky way, only green and perpendicular the milky way.

Polaris was almost overhead from Dawson, so the north lights must have been very far north.

They moved a lot. Not visibly, but noticeably over the course of just a minute or two.

We were in our pajamas outside. I'd pulled on my warm hooded sweatshirt (thank you Osprey Media!), while Rob had thrown on his Tilley jacket. So, for 35 minutes we shuttled between the yard and the big kitchen window, just watching.

We were too tired and cold to stay up any later -- but the show was still going on.

This morning the temperature was -5C when we got up (late). The first time it's been below zero while we were awake.

Tonight is the closing night for Diamond Tooth Gerties. I suspect we will make an appearance. Last night was the big Gold Raffle draw at Gerties. I have a ticket, but we went to bed early rather than go to the 11:59pm drawing. It's a fund raiser for the Yukon Order of Pioneers.

I'm way behind in my blogging, as you can see!

It's only 4 days until we leave Dawson for Whitehorse. Two days there, then we are back in Mississauga and it will be all over.

- Carolyn