Poetry Update #4

My sonnet for the POEtry Anthology was accepted! Woohoo!

The editor, Stephen M. Wilson, is starting his own small press so that he can publish this project (as well as other projects).

The list of poets for this Anthology is unbelievable!:

Linda D. Addison
Brian Aldiss
Joseph Armstead
Michael A. Arnzen
Michael Bishop
Louise Bohmer
Bruce Boston
C.S.E Cooney
Jennifer Crow
Malcolm Deeley
James S. Dorr
Andy Duncan
Amal El-Mohtar
Suzette Haden Elgin
Robert Frazier
M. Frost
Rain Graves
Joe Haldeman
Charlee Jacob
Jarret Keene
Deborah P Kolodji
David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Geoffrey A. Landis
John Edward Lawson
Nick Mamatas
Elizabeth Massie
Robin Mayhall
Mark Anthony McLaughlin
Drew Morse
Roger E. Naylor
Patrick O'Leary
Terrie Leigh Relf
Ann K. Schwader
Marge Simon
Mary A. Turzillo
Scott Urban
David Niall Wilson
Corrine De Winter
Jane Yolen

And me! I hope this happens just so I can say I was in a book with all these great poets. I've even met some of them ;)

- Carolyn