Poetry Update #3

August 14, 2007

Today I emailed my poem in to the POEtry project. Hopefully he'll take it. Which would be cool because the payment is $1/line with a minimum payment of $20. It's a sonnet, 12 lines, so I'd get the $20.

Mainly I'd be pleased because it's a who's who of fantastic poets. And I'd love to be on that list.

And tonight, at Rob's reading at the Dawson Public Library, Suzanne put into motion a get together of the local poets where we'll have tea & read our poetry to each other. Which, as I said, would be much more fun than just listening to me read. That's for sure!

And I just judged the poetry submissions for the "Writers on Eighth" contest. The assigned topic/theme was the International Gold Panning Championships. Exactly my thoughts. The Championships are being held here next week — but we're off to China and won't see them.

There were ... a limited number of poems entered, which made the job easier. There were even fewer short stories for Rob to judge. We have to announce the winners at the open house here on Thursday.

- Carolyn