Day 44 in Dawson

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dan & Betty very kindly drove us around the gold fields today in their moose-struck SUV. This is definitely 4W-drive territory. We visited the gigantic dredge #4, the discovery claim (where the gold rush started), and Gold Bottom.

At Gold Bottom, we got to pan for gold. Rob didn't get any flakes in his pan. I got 3! We were being shown how to pan by Andrea, a very lovely 14 year old. She's a real pro at panning for gold — she's won awards.

Tonight Rob read at the Dawson Public Library. He was great! The 13 people who came out had a good time. Lots of lively discussion afterward, too. But it looks like a bunch of us poets are going to get together once Rob & I are back from China. Should be fun!

Dan and Betty and Suzanne and Dawne were there tonight, plus two SF fans from Fairbanks, Alaska. We're going to have lunch with them tomorrow at the Triple J.

Tomorrow I'll be cleaning for the open house on Thursday. Finished the laundry today. Yipee!

- Carolyn