Day 33 in Dawson

Saturday, August 4th.

I entered the 25th Annual Dawson Women's Poker Tournament. It was Texas Holdem, but not no-limit. About 40 women paid $65 each to enter, which got you $200 worth of chips and a free t-shirt.

I was at table #5 with 6 other women and a professional dealer supplied by Diamond Tooth Gerties. Whoever finally won the tournament got something like 60% of the entry fees, and the percentages went down to 10th place getting 2%. I didn't pay attention as I arrived at 2pm and they were just starting.

I won 3 pots early on with excellent cards. And then I just bled chips until they ran out. You could re-buy: for $25 you could buy another $100 in chips. There were women at my table re-buying several times. You had to be down to $100 in chips or less before you could buy more.

Okay, my best hand was that I was dealt an AK, and the flop was KAK. Sweet. A full house without any sweat.

I'd been there 2 hours at the point my chips ran out, so I left. Ah, well. I got a t-shirt anyways. And I know where my weaknesses are in Holdem, so, I need some more practice — cheaper practice ;)

This was the same day as the 2nd Avenue sidewalk sale. Woohoo! Not as exciting as it sounds. But I did buy some stuff. Bought a very compact umbrella to take to China. Turns out it was made in China. Probably costs $1 there. Here it was on sale for $11.75. Also bought a box of Russell Stover no sugar added chocolates on sale for $6.49 — which is like Walmart's regular price, but, there's no Walmart within 600km of here.

Anyways, the poker was actually very pleasant. The women were nice, companionable, not mean spirited, so, even though I lost, I held no grudge against any of them. Oh, the poker was organized by Linda at the Westmark Hotel but held at Diamond Tooth Gerties. My thanks to Linda!

- Carolyn