Berton House Day 31 & Poetry Update #2

Pretty quiet around here.

I emailed in my submission of 4 tankas to Gusts. And I'm still hard at work on my sonnet for the POEtry project. I kept the first quatrain and the closing couplet as written, and have revamped the rest.

It's been raining here a lot over the past few days. And the temperature dropped to only 6C last night. Still going up to the mid-20s during the day, but I can't help but see fall coming.

Saw a very small, bright yellow bird yesterday out a window. I almost thought it was a humming bird at first, it was so fast.

Next big thing here is Discovery Days in mid-August. (This is the celebration of the discovery of Gold in the Klondike, and precedes the International Gold Panning Championships)

Part of the celebration includes an event called Writers on Eighth. There is a writing contest with the theme of the aforementioned International Gold Panning Championships. I'm to judge the poetry and Rob the fiction.

On August 16, all interested parties are to gather at the Jack London cabin (on Eighth Avenue) for a presentation there, then walk over to the Robert Service cabin (on Eighth Avenue) for a presentation there, then walk over to the Berton House (on Eighth Avenue) where we will be hosting an open house & announcing the winners of the writing contest.

There will be a frenzy of cleaning & putting stuff away on the 15th ;) More on this later.

- Carolyn