Poetry Update #21

I did make it into the Dwarf Stars anthology of "The Best Very Short Speculative Poems Published in 2013" with my poem from the previous post:

[untitled tanka]

the winged serpent draco
slithers around polaris
circling --
a constellation
of leftover stars

[published in Gusts: Contemporary Tanka, Fall/Winter 2013]

This tanka also made it into the Rhysling Anthology!

Unfortunate news for me. I did not make the long list for my submission to the CBC Canada Writes poetry contest. It's too bad. I thought they were fine poems. Although, I guess I shouldn't have expected to make the long list on my first try.

My poetry workshop, The Algonquin Square Table, starts up next month. Time to put my nose to the poetic grindstone.