Poetry Update #20

First the big news :) I won the Aurora Award for my poem "The ABCs of the End of the World" from A Verdant Green. I was surprised and honoured. Surprised because the competition was stiff: Sandra Kasturi, Helen Marshall, Colleen Anderson, and Robert J. Sawyer. And honoured because this is the first time an Aurora Award category for poem/song has been presented. W00t!

Next big news: I've been invited to The International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts as one of three featured poets. The other two poets are David Kopaska-Merkel and Bryan Dietrich. Can you say Orlando in March 2012!

Catch-up news:
I did go to the Simon Fraser University's Book Publishing Summer Immersion Workshop in 2010. It was exhausting! But I learned a lot.

I had posted in #19 about a new "Best of" anthology being started here in Canada for speculative fiction and poetry called Imaginarium. My friends Sandra Kasturi and Halli Villegas are editing it for Tightrope Books. They were delayed a year, so the first one will be for poems and stories first published in 2011. So I've just submitted "10 things to know about staplers" from Star*Line and "The Zombie Bees of Winnipeg" from ChiZine.com.

I've been to three of the five Algonquin meetings this fall term. Our turnout has been light this year.

I had a great time at a bunch of SF conventions this year. Special mention to SFContario, our new Toronto convention (where I won my Aurora). Great Con!!

I also had a great time at DragonCon in Atlanta. Saw William Shatner's presentation from 2nd row centre!! But best presentation goes to Martin Landau who spoke eloquently on his life as an actor and the theory of acting, etc. Wow! Also special kudos to Ernest Borgnine, who's in his 90s and still remembers everything. His event was standing room only.

Happy Holidays!