Poetry Update #19

Poetry Update #19

Quick update this time.

First big news, I've applied to the Simon Fraser University's Book Publishing Summer Immersion Workshop. It's a very highly regarded program -- very intense. It goes from 9am to 6pm or 9pm for two weeks. And, if I survive, I leave thinking like a publisher. :)

I missed the launch of Global Warnings because we went to Los Angeles to see the filming of Rob's episode of FlashForward at ABC/Disney Studio. Had a great time in LA! But did miss a great launch!

Gusts rejected the one Tanka I submitted. It sucked, so no hard feelings. ;)

Ice Floe, poetry of the far north, also rejected me. Bitter? ;)

The issue of Space and Time that printed my poem "Quantum Passion" arrived. Turns out I'm in the same issue with friends Josepha Sherman and Darrell Schweitzer.

There's a new "Best of" anthology being started here in Canada for speculative fiction and poetry. My friends Sandra Kasturi and Halli Villegas are editing it for Tightrope Books. The first one will be for poems and stories first published in 2010. So I've already submitted "Quantum Passion." I'll submit my upcoming poem from Star*Line, too, as soon as it's printed.

The Alquies had their last meeting of the university year -- which I missed. Sigh.

Did two hours on Haiku for Anime North, Canada's largest Anime convention. One hour was just writing, the second hour was using refrigerator magnets. I plugged SciFaiku. This was my first time at this convention. 17,000 fifteen-year-olds. Yikes! Got a good enough turn out, about 10 people for each hour.

I think that's me up-to-the-minute. Thanks!