Poetry Update #18

Spent today at a poetry workshop run by ChiZine poetry editor Sandra Kasturi and my brother David Clink the poetrymachine.com webmaster. It was a great workshop, well run, good location, etc. We did 14 different poetry exercises. I ended up with about 22 1/2 first draft poems.

Also, the Global Warnings anthology I'm in (new title: A Verdant Green: A Poetry Anthology to Celebrate the Lives of Anna and William McCoy) is launching on March 4th. I'm in with some great Canadian poets: bill bissett, Allan Briesmaster, Jenna Butler, George Elliott Clarke, Karen Connelly, Barry Dempster, Maureen Scott Harris, Stephen Humphrey, Sandra Kasturi, Carolyn Malyon, Allan Glenn Rose, and Raymond Souster. David Clink is the editor.

I had a poem accepted by Star*Line last month -- to appear later in the year.

I have to submit 3 tanka to Gusts for their February 15 deadline. Oh, and in December, I submitted to Ice Floe, poetry of the far north. Have not heard back.

I keep missing meetings of my poetry workshop: the Algonquin Square Table. But should make it tomorrow. Polish up one of these exercise poems from today and take it in. :)