Poetry Update #17

Yikes, the year went by fast! Two months in Saskatoon will do that. :)

Still waiting on the publication of Global Warnings, should be Spring 2010... maybe. Also pissed that while I made the deadline, other poets in the book couldn't be bothered to. They were turning their poems in in April. Hey, my poems could have used another round of editing, too.

Distant Early Warnings: Canada's Best Science Fiction came out this summer -- looks great! Got paid for it and everything! :) Also got my contributor copies of Room and a cheque. W00T! Did not submit to Tesseracts 14 -- ran out of time. Same thing for Gusts and NoD and a bunch of other mags. Sigh. If you don't submit... :(

Poetry editing for Chizine is going along well. I've got some in my inbox that I must attend to this weekend. Poets!

And Al Moritz, the intrepid leader of my poetry workshop (the Algonquin Square Table), won the Griffin Award for his poetry! Way to go, Al!