Poems Eligible for the Aurora Award and the Rhysling Award for 2013

I have four poems eligible for the 2013 Aurora Awards and the 2013 Rhysling Awards: Zombie Poet, Zombie Descartes Writes a Personal Ad, and two untitled tanka.

All Poems Published in 2012

Zombie Poet

After a cornered dog chewed off
his grasping fingers, the zombie poet
had to use voice-recognition software.

While the computer never correctly guessed
what he was trying to say, the words
it did come up with sold to The New Yorker and Poetry.

Critics hailed him as the voice of his degeneration.
But some argued his poetry wasn't original
because he was eating the brains of other poets.

As his fame grew, he started receiving emails with photos
of naked zombie women attached.
Necrophilia lead to an addiction to deviant brains.

One night, after a reanimated reading
from his long-awaited collection, Poems with no Brains,
the zombie poet fell apart from excess decay.

Many young zombie poets tried to capture his audience.
But their poems were too cerebral, their rhymes too loose,
and their shambling rhythm wasn't the same.

[published in Tesseracts 16, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, 2012]

Zombie Descartes Writes a Personal Ad

Long-retired philosopher zombie seeks
experiential female zombie
to share unconscious moments.

Likes: the pineal gland, animal spirits,
brains, and the theater.
Dislikes: bats, koans, and Chinese rooms.

Let us shamble through the streets in search of brains.
Let us lie by the fire — but not too closely.
Let us stare into each other's vacant eyes.

Contact me if you have the qualia needed
to reduce our dualism
to moanism.

[published in Tesseracts 16, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, 2012]

[untitled Tanka #1]

Gaudi can't sculpt
imaginary angels
for the church.
He uses real bones
hangs them in the air.

[published in Gusts: Contemporary Tanka, Spring/Summer 2012]

[untitled Tanka #2]

Look at that sunset,
that's physics for you —
light bending our minds.
Why have gravity
in a world ruled by god?

[published in Gusts: Contemporary Tanka, Fall/Winter 2012]