My Favourite of my SF/F poems from 2010

I thought I would post here my favourite of my poems published in 2010.

This was in a poetry anthology called A Verdant Green edited by my brother, David Livingstone Clink, and published by The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box (George A. Vanderburgh, publisher).

[This anthology is referred to as Global Warnings in my previous posts.]

The ABCs of the End of the World

The Amazon burns.

Arid pollution floats
like an algae bloom
over asthmatic bumblebees —

a buzzing biomass
of clear-cut carbon

in a chaotic desert dance
of dehydration and energy-efficient
extinction. Famine floats

through flooded farms
searching for fuel-cell
resistance fighters

gone the way of greenhouse glaciers
in a hybrid car.

Hydrocarbon hurricanes
impact ice shelves, icebergs,

curling ice, and icecapades
in a final-jeopardy-worthy,
karmic, light-leakage landslide,

curdling the Milky Way
in a Magellanic Cloud of nuclear winter.

In the acidic ocean, a six-legged
octopus and a polar bear with gills
quibble over reduced rain forests,

reused rubbers, and recycled cyclones,
while solar-powered Tsunamis unleash
a torrent of ultraviolet species.

If only wind energy
came from outgassing,

or wave power from the pissing
away of finite resources on wars.

Instead, an extra-yellow river
backs up and civilization ends.