It's 2014 already!

Aurora- and Rhysling-Award Eligible Poem 2014
Poem Published in 2013

I have only one poem eligible to be nominated for the 2013 Aurora Awards and the 2013 Rhysling Award -- and it's a Tanka. More suitable for Dwarf Stars. :) There are more worthy poems out there...

[untitled Tanka]

the winged serpent draco
slithers around polaris
circling --
a constellation
of leftover stars

[published in Gusts: Contemporary Tanka, Fall/Winter 2013]

On April 21, I entered the CBC Canada Writes contest for poetry. This is the first time I've entered because they want one poem, or a group of poems, between 400 and 600 total words. And I don't write long poems. Managed to write 6 poems on the same topic -- so they form a group! :)

Also learned how to delete my name from Word properties. Especially since it would have been my husband's name. ;)