Aurora Award Eligible Poems

I have two poems eligible to be nominated for the 2012 Aurora Awards. They were published in 2011:

Zombie Bees of Winnipeg

In slanted sunlight's glow,
some stumble into signs
and bounce off with a zing,
exhausted from zagging
down the one-way streets
of downtown Winnipeg.

They shamble, stiff-winged
this Labour Day,
these zombie bees --
a hunched and mumbling swarm
of black encircled eyes
and jaundiced stripes
without the brains to know
they should be dead.

[published Chiaroscuro/ 47, June 2011]

10 things to know about staplers

1) The Greeks invented the stapler.
2) Buzz Aldrin took a stapler to the moon.
3) Staplers can refuse to staple for religious reasons.
4) Staplers regret nothing.
5) When a stapler jams, someone will die.
6) Staplers are government spies.
7) Staplers eat one sock a month.
8) Surgical staplers are alcoholics.
9) Staplers dream of electric staplers.
10) Staplers know all your secrets.

[published Star*Line, Jan/Mar 2011 issue]

- Carolyn