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Berton House Day 32 and some Catch-up

I'm getting a little behind & out of sequence — sorry!

On Tuesday, July 30, I went to see the DÄNOJÀ ZHO (long time ago house) Cultural Centre. This is the one obviously new building on Front Street in Dawson. It is a place to learn the traditions and present day life of the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation. They were the original inhabitants of the Dawson area and were displaced by the gold rush. Their land claims were finally settled in 1998 and they are self-governing.

Berton House Day 31 & Poetry Update #2

Pretty quiet around here.

I emailed in my submission of 4 tankas to Gusts. And I'm still hard at work on my sonnet for the POEtry project. I kept the first quatrain and the closing couplet as written, and have revamped the rest.

It's been raining here a lot over the past few days. And the temperature dropped to only 6C last night. Still going up to the mid-20s during the day, but I can't help but see fall coming.

Saw a very small, bright yellow bird yesterday out a window. I almost thought it was a humming bird at first, it was so fast.

Berton House day 22

Tuesday evening, July 24, I went to see the presentation at the Robert Service cabin across the street. Johnny had 'em laughing from before I got there.

There were about 20 or so people for the presentation. They were from Scotland, England, Alaska, NY, BC, and Ontario.

Poetry Update #1

I've been at Berton House for 23 days now and have only written 3 tankas and part of a sonnet. I'd hoped to write a poem a day. HA!

The three tanka are to submit to Gusts, a Canadian tanka magazine.

The sonnet is for a project called POEtry, where a bunch of poets have to take a well-known poem and turn it into a genre poem (science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.). I chose Donne's Holy Sonnet X. Which I'm turning into a hopefully-humorous SF poem. Although technically what I'm writing is more like this:

Science Fiction Writer be not proud...

Day 20 at Berton House

Last Thursday, July 19, 2007, I was shopping for groceries at the General Store on Front Street. There were 3 children out front playing their fiddles. When I left the store, a fourth child gave me a flier for their show. The last show in their run at the Palace Grand Theatre was that very night.

Day 13 at Berton House

A gorgeous day! We walked into town and had lunch at the Jack London Grill. Sat on their patio which had an awning and was shaded.

There is now a bit of a routine established:

Wednesday is garbage pick up.
Saturday is when garden produce is sold on the dike.
Sunday is when the new sale's week for the grocery store starts.
Tuesday night is film night at KIAC.
Recycling is every day except Thursday & Friday.
Thrift Store is open Tuesday-Saturday.

Day 6 at Berton House in Dawson City, Yukon

Funny Things:

7 days ago, when we flew from Vancouver up to Whitehorse on Air Canada, the pilot said there was "traffic" at the airport so we were going to have to circle for a bit. What traffic could there be? There's only one runway. You have to land, takeoff and taxi on the one strip.


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